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Pressure Point Reiki

I have been developing a pressure point for 15 years. Working on family friends and clients. The results have been extraordinary. I use pressure point Reiki on myself every day. “In the morning before my feet hit the floor, I put my hands on my heart and end myself some love.” I hold every pressure point for at least 15 seconds chanting the symbol CHO-KU-REI, Over and over in my mind.  I breath love into my heart moving energy throughout my body with my breath. In my experience using pressure points with Reiki enhances the experience, Releasing toxins from the body mind and spirit, Effects the physical and emotional energies of the body at the same time.

Essential oils and reiki a perfect match

Darin and Jean

Do it for yourself first

Darin and I have been using essential oils at home since we started living together. My favorite go-to neighbor Jenn, showed me how to burn sage to clear toxic energy from my apartment. Jenn ‘s MA at Kaiser and mom and wife, she is a salt of the earth type. She has been showing different things to use essential oils since I moved In. Then I became a home health care worker and Sushila, sharp as a tack, she lived in India for decades, everything in triple clean, As she has 3Heps and diabetes. These two wise women started teaching and enlighting me how our bodies and essentials oils works. The trifecta was when my old friend Kristina contacted me on facebook, she is a wellness advocate for Doterra. Sold. No idea how much there was to learn. Darin and both love helping people, he is teaching me Reiki and I’m showing him which oils go with which person. As a person who sees the best in everyone, Doterra was a perfect fit. Essential oils can improve everyone life it touches. Since touch is so important to what we do.  Get answers to your questions about essential oils and doterra

Signing up with Doterra

.Doterra is also a wonderful company with all it does for the world. They have many wonderful charities help families across the globe. They build clinics and schools in the communities that harvest and diffuse each oil. I work for myself in general, so once again, building a team of wonderful people that I can pick is also very gratifying. I love how much I earn that I can share with others. I encourage everyone who wants to use to join Doterra, the workshops and empowering success workshops are priceless. I can watch the youtube videos and not feel pressured to sell. There are team building videos for sure, but Doterra lets everyone learn as they go. They also have such a great loyalty rewards program that gives, almost the same amount of what you paid for back in points that can buy everything already at a 25% discount. Then they make kits of similar items at another discounted. I can’t say enough about the joy I feel every time I use or share essential oils with my family and friends. This is like the perfect hobby for my brain. I have the power to empower everyone I meet. Bonus. I have a few people close to me who need some empowering. I have just the team for you Darin And Jean.

Reiki for emotional release

Reiki for emotional release

 In my experience, my emotions challenge me more than any other feeling I have in my body. When an experience triggers an insecurity inside my mind. I feel frozen in my own breath. I put my hands on my heart, Taking slow deep breaths. I visualize that I am at the beach with the sounds of the waves crashing around me. With the sun on my face and the cool breeze in my hair. Creating a loving and safe nurturing environment to process. I ask to understand why this experience is so impactful to my emotional state of mind. When the experience appears to me. I send the long distance-healing symbol, HAN- SHA-ZE-SHO-NEN to the time and place that triggered my emotional challenge. Embracing the experience by letting go of any fear or discomfort within my mind and body. I put my hands on my heart taking a deep breath releasing the experience into the universe. I then focus on the symbol Cho-Ku-Rei. Saying these powerful words over and over in my mind. Energy churning from the universe inside my body. Creating peace.

Reiki for pain

Reiki for pain

There were times when I would wake up screaming. Shooting pain running down my legs. I put my hands on my legs taking deep breaths. Visualizing the Reiki symbols over and over in my mind. With every breath, I was able to see energy moving from my heart. Through my hands into my legs. Then out through the bottom of my feet. Every time this experience occurred. In the morning, When I open my eyes. The pain was gone and I was able to sleep until morning. I focus on the Reiki symbols for pain anytime I am challenged. Emotionally, Physically, Or Spiritually. I am a Reiki Master.

Reiki protection

Every day I create a shield of energy surrounding my body. Filtering out negative or draining people that I will experience. Visualizing on the Reiki symbol CHO-KU-REI,  With my hands on my heart. I take a deep breath. Expanding the energy from within the center of my being. The same as the wave created by dropping a rock in the water. I visualize  A wave of energy surrounding me. Protecting my body and soul. Feeling only love filter through my shield into my body. 

Pressure point Reiki

Pressure point Reiki

I have been using Pressure point Reiki for myself and my client’s for 20 years. I believe the combination of Reiki and acupressure together enhance the movement of energy. Eliminating any stagnation of energy within the body, Mind, And spirit. For Pressure point Reiki self-healing. I put my fingers on the place on my body that is challenging me. Pressing down then releasing the pressure 3 times. Holding this position while breathing the energy of the Reiki symbols into my body. Thirty second’s at a time. Releasing the pain or stagnation of my body, Mind, And spirit. I use Pressure Point Reiki point every day for myself and clients.



I believe visualization through Reiki has been the greatest tool for my own self-healing. Different challenges happen in our lives that are unexpected. Having the knowledge of Reiki visualization has helped me in every aspect of my life. When I was a young boy something traumatic happened. My sub-conscience would block out the experience trying to protect myself. Visualizing the long distance healing symbol HAN-SHO-ZE-SHO-NEN. Then surrounding the emotions of the experience with the Reiki energy. Synergetically shifting the feeling in my body from the challenging experience. Releasing the pain that I held within my mind impacting my body for so many years. I spend time visualizing every day of my life. The day I put Reiki and visualization together my whole life changed. Darin Hemingway-Reiki Master-Marin Reiki

Reiki-For Self-Healing

I believe Reiki is one of the most powerful tools for self-healing and transformation. I have been studying Reiki for 18 years. Working on my own body my own energy. During the most challenging times of my life. I spent 10 minutes an hour doing Reiki, Self-healing on myself.  For the last 10 years, I spend the first 1 hour of my day with hands on my body. Visualizing the Reiki symbol. Moving energy throughout my body with my breath. Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, Reiki energy flows to where it is needed most. Learning Reiki is the best thing that I have ever done for myself.

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