Pressure Point Reiki Self-Healing-The Heart

Pressure Point Reiki has given me the gift of Self-love. Learning Reiki was one of the best decisions that I made in my life. It took me thirty years to recognize. How I spent my life sharing love with everyone but myself. Always wanting others to acknowledge my achievements and to tell me they love me. PPR-Pressure Point Reiki has shown me the power of love inside of me.

It was a beautiful sunny day in May. My wife Deborah and I were headed to take our first 1st level Reiki class. I had been enveloped with the healing arts for over ten years. Learning different massaging techniques. Such as Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Reflexology. Also, Learning Polarity which is all about the transfer of energy. For Deborah, this was here first class in twenty years.

That day was magic for me. I went there thinking I was going to learn how to heal others and found that I was there to heal myself first. Laverne was Our Reiki Master Teacher. She told us that the majority of her 1st Level Reiki class was all about self-healing. She would wait a year to teach the level 2 Reiki class. She also recommended to all her students to spend the first year learning about Reiki by doing Self-Healing sessions on ourselves every day.

The next year was a miracle. I would start my day listening to a song called Water that is on my, “Fear Away” album. Putting my hands on my heart. Using two fingers I would press down on my chest, Directly over my heart. Holding the pressure for twenty seconds then releasing. Chanting the Reiki symbol Cho-Ku-Rei. In the beginning, it took me ten minutes to feel anything. But once I did magic happened. I could feel the love flowing inside my body. Opening my heart. Becoming easier and easier every day. Taking less time to re-create that peaceful healing feeling of love.

I have been teaching and expanding my knowledge of PPR – Pressure Point Reiki for over twenty years. Creating a love for myself “In the morning before my feet hit the floor I put my hands on my heart and I end myself some love”. I am a Reiki Master.

Evolution With Reiki

There was a moment in my life when I decided to heal my past so that I could let go of the moments that kept the fear of the experience within my body and mind. Reiki has taught me the symbol, Hon-She-Ze-Sho-Nen. A tool To go back in time and heal the experience by sending love to the moment that challenged me. I have been doing visual meditations daily for over twenty years.

During one of those meditations, I was reminded of a day. I had blocked out of my mind, that had haunted me in my dreams for a long time. I was 23 years old living in a floating home in Sausalito California. It was 8 am on a Tuesday at Ocean Beach In San Fransisco. I was surfing having a great time, When of a sudden a big set of waves hit the beach. I got in position, paddling as hard as I could. I caught the biggest wave of my life. My heart was pounding outside my body. I dropped into the wave with a lot of speed. I took a deep breath and began to exhale when the wave closed out and I went flying over my board. Before my body hit the water I could feel my leash snap. The only thing connecting me to my surfboard. It didn’t take long for my breathing to change the water was 48 degrees. I tried to relax and swim along the beach because it felt like I was being swept out to sea. I thought to myself If I die right now. What would I be remembered for?

My next moment felt like a dream to me, Even today. A large wave picked me up and threw me towards the shore. I started swimming like never before. Because this swim was for my life. I body surfed wave after wave until my fee could touch some sand. It took me over an hour to get back to where I started that day. Without even knowing it. The fears of that experience changed my life.

Until I started my Evolution With Reiki. By going back in time with Hon-She-Ze-Sho-Nen. Sending love to the moment until my perception of the experience had changed. I have used this symbol for myself and clients that I worked with for many years with profound results. I am grateful for the love and energy of the universe inside and surrounding me called Reiki. Please take a moment every day to Breathe in the love around you then let go of the challenges inside you.

Reiki = The Friend You Need

My relationship with Reiki, Is like having a best friend made only of energy. I have been teaching while receiving Reiki for self-Healing and Transformation for over twenty years. I am a Reiki Master on a quest every day to vibrate at my own unique frequency with the love of the universe inside my body to heal my Mind, My Heart, My Soul, and My Spirit upon request.

During my morning meditation. I visualize over and over in my mind the symbols, Cho-Ku-Rei, Sei-He-Ki, and Han-She-Ze-Sho-Nen. Until I can feel the love flowing through my heart. Connecting me to the Universe’s unlimited love energy. Always inside me, Always surrounding me, and always loving me unconditionally.

My first thought in the morning and the last thought at night, Is to put my hands on my heart and to send myself love. Giving me a chance to understand myself a little bit more every day and every night. Helping me to evolve through my challenges, with peace and balance. Supported by my best friend made of energy, Thanks Reiki.

I wrote a song called ” The Friend You Need” To remind myself. Who I want to be, Creating how I feel. I want to thank all of the friends in my life that helped me to understand. How important it is to always surround myself with unconditional love. I will always be, The Friend you need. DIamLove

Breathe Open Up Receive Let Go With Reiki

Reiki has helped me to tap into the love energy inside me to transition through life’s challenges with an open heart and an open mind. I believe my every thought, Creates the next moment in my life. I feel very blessed for the opportunity to share with you one of the greatest gifts Reiki has given me.

In 2018 I was teaching a Reiki level, one class, when one of my students asked me if I had a few words of wisdom to help her during her daily meditation healing practice. I told her ” My breath will ground me. I will open up to clear the energy of my spirit and soul, Which prepares me to receive the information. I then, Let it go, By either sharing the information. Releasing the experience from my body and mind out to the universe surrounding me.

I wrote a song called “Breath Open Up Receive Let Go” That I listen to every morning, To remind myself to breathe with love. Always live with my heart open. I will be in the moment, ready to receive, The most important of all for me is to let go. I am sending you love. DIamLove

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