Darin and Jean
Darin and Jean are here for you, to experience the magical energy of Reiki.


Onsite Private Reiki Sessions

Marin Reiki offers private Reiki sessions at your home or office.

One Reiki Practitioner 75 min. on-site sessions for $150.00

One Reiki Practitioner 100 min on-site sessions for $200.00.

                       Two Reiki Practitioners 75 Min. On-site Session for $250.00

                        Two Reiki Practitioners 90 Min. On-site Sessions $300.00

Online Reiki sessions

Marin Reiki offers personalized private online Reiki Instructional Session for Self-Healing.

   Learn how to move through life’s challenges by having the tools to self-Healing with peace and love in your heart. By learning  1st level Reiki, Master Hemingway teaches you to tap into the universe inside you, Helping create a space to heal.

Learn Symbols for Reiki Self-Healing 5 – 1/2 Hour Sessions with a Reiki Master Hemingway $50.00 per session is $250.

 Learn Symbols Plus History and Hand positions 5 – 1 Hour Session with a Reiki Master Hemingway $100.00 per session is $500.00(Includes Attunement)

1st level Reiki full class on Self-Healing 5 – 1  1/2 Sessions with a Reiki Master Hemingway $150.00 per session is $750.00.(Includes attunement).



Learn the Reiki symbol’s

Reiki symbols were created to harness the energy of the universe.


Reiki for Self-Healing

Reiki gives us the tools and knowledge to send love to ourselves upon request. Moving energy through our hand’s with our breath. to surround ourselves with a shield of energy called Reiki.


Join the Marin Reiki family, Learn Level 1 Reiki with Reiki Master Darin Hemingway. He will respond with class availability and Google Calendar invite, the invite will include methods of payment options.

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