Pressure point Reiki for headaches

I woke up one morning with the most painful headache of my life. At the time I had been doing Reiki for five years. I immediately put my hands on the back of my head and started chanting the Reiki symbols over and over again in my mind. I felt a peaceful energy flowing through my hand’s into my body. Using all five fingers on both hands. I started feeling spots on my head that were sensitive to touch. Like a bruise that I have felt on my body before. Pressing down with more and more pressure with my fingers.  Chanting the Reiki symbols in my mind. Holding ten pressure points at the same time. The release of energy that I felt was immediate. My headache was gone. I have been using this technique with my clients and in my morning self-healing for thirteen years. I believe in the maintenance of health through daily practices. Pressure point Reiki ( PPR) has improved my quality of life. Any time I feel a headache coming on I put my fingers on my head to release the pressure in my mind.

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