Evolution With Reiki

There was a moment in my life when I decided to heal my past so that I could let go of the moments that kept the fear of the experience within my body and mind. Reiki has taught me the symbol, Hon-She-Ze-Sho-Nen. A tool To go back in time and heal the experience by sending love to the moment that challenged me. I have been doing visual meditations daily for over twenty years.

During one of those meditations, I was reminded of a day. I had blocked out of my mind, that had haunted me in my dreams for a long time. I was 23 years old living in a floating home in Sausalito California. It was 8 am on a Tuesday at Ocean Beach In San Fransisco. I was surfing having a great time, When of a sudden a big set of waves hit the beach. I got in position, paddling as hard as I could. I caught the biggest wave of my life. My heart was pounding outside my body. I dropped into the wave with a lot of speed. I took a deep breath and began to exhale when the wave closed out and I went flying over my board. Before my body hit the water I could feel my leash snap. The only thing connecting me to my surfboard. It didn’t take long for my breathing to change the water was 48 degrees. I tried to relax and swim along the beach because it felt like I was being swept out to sea. I thought to myself If I die right now. What would I be remembered for?

My next moment felt like a dream to me, Even today. A large wave picked me up and threw me towards the shore. I started swimming like never before. Because this swim was for my life. I body surfed wave after wave until my fee could touch some sand. It took me over an hour to get back to where I started that day. Without even knowing it. The fears of that experience changed my life.

Until I started my Evolution With Reiki. By going back in time with Hon-She-Ze-Sho-Nen. Sending love to the moment until my perception of the experience had changed. I have used this symbol for myself and clients that I worked with for many years with profound results. I am grateful for the love and energy of the universe inside and surrounding me called Reiki. Please take a moment every day to Breathe in the love around you then let go of the challenges inside you.

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